charity arrowhead bolo with earrings and hat.jpg

Bolos are not just for cowboys anymore. Young and old, men and women all love our unique bolos. 

When it's time for more than just a shirt and pants., bolos are the perfect expression of style, and individualism for the person who does things a little differently. and doesn't want to look like everybody else.


They go well with everything from denim to diamonds - from t-shirt to tux. We also make stainless steel cufflinks from the same art for a coordinated look for stage, weddings, date night, or whatever  you've got going where you need some'n uncommon.


Discover our world-exclusive SLATE BOLOS.. Sized from 1-2 inches and up with a resin finish. Any of them can be customized with a stainless steel cross or rhinestones for whatever suits your fancy. No matter which style you prefer, you can be confident that your Maverick Man bolo is the only one anywhere that looks like this! 


Affordable custom bolos and custom belt buckles available. Contact us for more info.