maverick man

He's grit and guts, but a real class act.

He's polite, but not a pushover. 

He enjoys trying new things and doing old things differently.

He's creative and inventive and often, unconventional.

For him, we have created our line of unique accessories for the unconventional man.

our own maverick man

Your Maverick Man, Jerry Morris, was born into a poor family in rural Georgia. (however, he did not walk to school barefoot in three feet of snow!) “We didn’t have a lot of modern conveniences but the love of God and family was always present. My Mama and Daddy taught me respect, integrity, to follow the golden rule and at the age of fifteen my Daddy led me to the Lord”. Love built on the Rock proved to be a solid foundation for Jerry.


There were many things about daily life in rural GA in the fifties that taught Jerry practical things. Daily chores provided opportunities for accountability. Once he “forgot” to bring in the kindling. The next morning his dad sent Jerry out into the dark and cold to cut kindling while he went back to bed, leaving Jerry to build the fire. Amazingly, that was the last time that happened. His dad was an uneducated man but his wisdom taught Jerry valuable lessons that never were forgotten. 


Rural life also gave him daily access to the great outdoors where he spent most of his time hunting, hiking, exploring and dreaming. He loved Western movies. Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were his heroes. He dreamed of being a cowboy someday and having his own ranch and horses (a dream he would realize in his twenties!). He would sometimes dress like a cowboy.


Jerry’s older brother is a Viet Nam vet - sent over in 1960-62 before it was declared a war, and when soldiers were still venerated and honored. When Franklin came home on leave one weekend, Jerry was more than thrilled to have his brother home! And to top it off, Franklin let Jerry wear a new pair of cowboy boots he had purchased. Jerry was feeling mighty proud in these boots, literally walking in the shoes of his older brother... an American soldier; a gunner.


Stepping onto the bus one morning, in those shiny new boots, Jerry was confronted by the same bully that had been badgering him since he arrived in this little Georgia town years ago. This guy was much older, taller, and heavier than Jerry was, so the bullying persisted until that day. When the boy intentionally stomped on those special boots, from his revered older brother (and spit out a snide remark, we well), that was it. Without hesitation, Jerry put the big guy on the ground and kept pounding until the bus driver stopped him and took them both to the principal’s office to get their due. What Jerry gained from the incident far outweighed the pain he received. “The self-confidence I gained from standing up for myself that morning is still with me today.” From this point on, Jerry hasn't let anybody or anything stop him from achieving his goals.


Jerry went to work in a factory at 18, which started a forty-year career, eventually advancing to plant manager. It was there where he learned that hard work, perseverance and confidence were keys to his success. He also maintained respect and loyalty from his employees by employing this motto: “Give others credit for achievements and take responsibility for failures.”


It didn’t take long as a working man, for Jerry to realize that he saw his world a little differently than most. He could not just sit still and hold his tongue when situations or things, in his opinion, were not right. “If something could be better, then it’s not right, its only right when it’s the best it can be.” 


Some of his methods of getting things done and making things better were considered to be unconventional. He enjoys trying new methods, especially when they get the job done. Even today, he is still not OK with blindly assuming that all is well because “this is how it has always been”. He believes that achieving results is more important than following tradition. “Just because it has never been done is not an excuse not to try. It has never bothered me to stand alone”, says Jerry. He would remind us that eagles fly alone and pigeons flock together. Today, Jerry owns his own company and has four patents that came from some of his unconventional ideas for making something better. 


The Maverick Man line was inspired by Kat’s Artisan Jewelry’s handmade jewelry for women, made by Jerry’s wife. Each “stone” in the jewelry is made from preserving a piece of an original painting under glass. As she made more and more paintings for ladie's jewelry, Jerry was intrigued by the piece of art that was encapsulated under the glass, and he started getting ideas of his own for their use. He began to wonder what these “stones” would look like in bolos, belt buckles and even cuff links. Before long, Kat had made more than a few bolos and they were beginning to sell. What should we call this unusual collection of men’s goods? Your Maverick Man brand was born! 


So, you ask, “What is a Maverick Man?” He’s grit and guts, but a real class act. He’s polite, but not a pushover. He’ll follow the rules until it prevents him from getting results. He’s always legal and never compromises his integrity. In the words of Kat Morris, “Southern Gentlemen are a dying breed of man that is embodied in the person and character of my husband, Jerry Morris, the inspiration for the Maverick Man line.”


In the coming months, Jerry will begin to share his real-life Maverick Man stories with you. We hope you enjoy these stories, but most of all, we hope they will inspire your inner Maverick Man.

Jerry Morris (center) with younger brother (L) and older brother (R) - circa 1952

Jerry at the John Wayne Birthplace Museum, July 2021

Jerry Morris and older brother 2020.jpg

Jerry, with his older brother, Franklin, now 78 yrs old - 2020